The perks of visiting Antarctica in November

Visiting Antarctica in November is an incredible and magical experience with many perks. 

The first is the opportunity to witness the arrival of new generations of penguins, seals, and whales as they populate the shores of the frozen continent. For lovers of wildlife photography and magical encounters, this is surely a time of the year to take into serious account.

In addition, November also marks the beginning of the austral summer, where temperatures start to rise and daylight lasts longer, providing more time to explore the region’s stunning landscapes.

It’s also when the rates are at their lowest and a time of the year that allows visitors to avoid the peak tourist season, resulting in fewer crowds and a more intimate experience.

Everything is pristine, as we’re just coming out of winter, with sunny days and milder temperatures. Is the perfect time to witness the unique beauty of Antarctica with the feeling that you have the whole continent to yourself

In resume:

  • On clear days, the lengthy sunsets will delight photographers.
  • There is still a lot of snow on the ground, which creates beautiful scenery.
  • Observe penguins courting and constructing nests.
  • See glaciers in all ther magnificence before they melt.
  • Cruise prices are lower in November.

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