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Jul. 12 - 2017

Polar bears have amazed us since forever! Their unique characteristics and evolutive particularities are fascinating. Whether we associate them with Christmas and a widely known commercial soda, Polar Bears are incredible creatures and there is a lot more to them than that!

Although we could spend long hours talking  and debating about these Arctic animals, today we will introduce you to 10 facts about Polar Bears that you probably didn’t know about! 

1. They are the biggest land-based carnivores: they share this title with the Kodiak bears. They can grow up to 3 meters tall and weigh around 1000kg.

2. They are not white. We know, you are freaking out! Polar Bears fur (which is thicker than any other bear) is actually transparent, and their skin is black.

3. They only inhabit arctic regions such us the USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark, and Norway.

4. They can run as fast as horses. That is to say around 40km per hour.

5. They also feast on carrion. Even though the Polar Bear is one scary predator, as the Arctic is a tough region for finding food all year round, Polar Bears usually feast on already dead animals.

6. Polar Bears don’t hibernate. Only breeding females do during the winter.

7. They can communicate with each other through scent trails left by their paws. As they walk, their paws leave a perfumed chemical trail that allows them to communicate with each other, and help them find potential mates, for example.

8. They have three eyelids. To protect them from the ultraviolet radiation increased by continuously being surrounded by snow.

9. They can swim for days in a row. There is a study that shows a female polar bear to have swam 9 days in a row, covering a distance of 685km.

10. They can fast for days. They are able to slow their metabolism down and spend from 7 to 10 days without eating. 



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