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Nov. 13 - 2017
Antarctica has one of the most extreme weather on the planet: it is the coldest, the driest, and the windiest of all the continents.

But apart from that, Antarctica prides itself on having the most unbelievable weather phenomena ever. You won’t even believe these photos were taking here on Earth!

Frost Flowers

This phenomenon takes place when the dry air is colder than the water.
The reason they form is that when the ice changes from a solid form into a gas without stopping to be a liquid, and that vapor becomes oversaturated with liquid, it reverts to ice as soon as it touches an ice crystal.
But be careful! As tempting as it might be, don’t try to walk across the ice with frost flowers as it is usually too thin! We know you want the perfect pictures but it is highly recommended that you stay away from this formation as far as possible!

Light Pillar

Although this atmospheric phenomenon happens in different places around the world, the Antarctic sky provides the best view!
Light pillars take place when natural or artificial light reflects off tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. It looks like a straight light band right below the Sun and just as bright!

Drake Passage

The Drake Passage, also known as “the roughest water in the world”, is where the “Circumpolar Current” squeezes to its smallest gap. An unbelievable amount of water (the equivalent of 5,000 Amazon Rivers) passes through this gap, along with intense Antarctic winds, causing a hell of a sea adventure.
Daring to cross this Passage will probably be the biggest adventure of your life!

Are you ready to get on board and enjoy the Antarctic phenomena in person?

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