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May. 12 - 2017

Whether you are a polar expert and know your way around the coolest places on Earth, there are some interesting facts about the Antarctica that might have missed your eye!


Antarctica is home of the Blood Falls
Pouring from the Taylor Glacier down to West Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land, East Antarctica, this waterfall just runs red. Found in 1911 by an Australian geographer, this phenomenon is due to iron oxide. As soon as the iron-rich water hits the air, it turns red and creates one of the most amazing views you’ll ever see.

It has a mountain range the size of the Alps
Being the 5th biggest continent (it has twice the size of Australia), and the largest mass of ice of the world (it covers 98% of the continent), it might be logical to think that it’s ice-surface is of about 26.5 million cubic kilometers, but did you know that it has a huge mountain range the size of the Alps just under one of its glaciers?

Antarctica is the highest, driest and windiest continent in the world
Yes, besides being the coolest, according to scientists, there is an average precipitation of 10cm per year. And if that’s not shocking enough, it has not rained in the Antarctica’s Dry Valleys for over 2 million years.


There is no official time zone in Antarctica
It is not really a problem since no one actually lives there, but when needed, scientist and explorers use the time of their hometown.




There are at least seven Churches in Antarctica
You might think that the Antarctic charm lies only in its nature. Well, it kind of does, but it is definitely not the only magnetism this continent has to offer. Apart from all the incredible animals, the sunsets and sunrises, the human culture had to be present as well. There are at least 7 churches in Antarctica and each of them is worth a visit: “San Francisco de Asís Chapel” on the Argentinian Base Station Esperanza, “St. Ivan Rilski Chapel” Bulgarian Chapel located on Livingston Island, the Orthodox Chapel “Trinity Chapel”, built in Russia and transported all the way to Antarctica, “Chapel of the Snows” on Rose Island, “The Ice Cave Catholic Church” located on Belgrano II Base, “Santa María Reina de la Paz” a Chilean Chapel located in King George’s Island and the Catholic Chapel of SantísimaVirgen de Luján located at Marambio Base.


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