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Sep. 15 - 2017

Traveling to Antarctica is one of the best traveling plans ever no matter when you decide to go! But taking a cruise during the late Austral Spring may be the best decision you could possibly make!

There are plenty of reasons for visiting Antarctica in November but we managed to narrow them down to 5. So, are you ready to experience the reawakening of Antarctica after the long winter? Keep reading!

  • Is the perfect season to take the best pictures as the daylight last longer and breathtaking sunsets get as red as ever

The days grow longer and the natural light illuminates glaciers and snow scapes not yet marred by animal activity, making a great photo opportunity.

  • Because of all the wildlife you can spot:
  • Southern elephant seals and Weddell seals emerge onto sea ice to molt and bask under the Austral skies.
  • Penguins start coming to the coast as the nest building season begins. And therefore, it is also the best time to get to see courtship rituals among Chinstrap, Gentoo, and Adelie penguins.
  • Orcas, as well as Humpback, Minke, and southern right whale return to the waters surrounding Antarctica for the summer feeding season and can be seen near landing sites.
  • The icebergs are at their finest

Icebergs are at their greatest mass and range from snow white to aquamarine.

  • November is the perfect month for Ice lovers

Pack ice is beginning to melt and the 18 million square kilometers of the Southern Ocean that had frozen over opens up. Last winters sea-ice offers sometimes spectacular sailing among the floes with seals everywhere on the ice.

  • The temperature starts getting warmer and more pleasant

So, have you made your decision? Antarctica cruise season is just starting and we recommend you to make up your mind right away! Antarctica is waiting!



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