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Aug. 16 - 2016

1) Plane or cruise?

Antarctica Travels offers several options for your transportation.  You can choose a cruise or plane or a combination of boths in different order. 
  • Fly south and cruise North
  • Cruise south and fly north
  • Return in a cruise
  • Return flight
Your option will depend on your available time and the places you will like to see. The cruise is often the best choice for those who have more time to spent travelling and enjoy a combination of transport, accomodation, meals and activities.

But for those who don’t have enough time or will like to enjoy a sky view from the white continent, in just three hours is possible to land in King George Island.

2) Choose your itinerary wisely

Although the entire white continent offers many attractions that you can’t see in another part of the world, you still will have to choose which unique beauty you will prefer to visit.  

Every itinerary shows a different dimension of the place and you will count on the help of the professional guides to understand the environment, his marine fauna and habits. 

3) Look for references of your tour operator 

The references and experience of a tour operator are their support and knowing about them will save you lots of problems at the moment of hiring your excursion.

In addition, other travellers opinions  specially those who already  have made the travel you want to hire, are the best source of information to decide every aspect of yours.  

Antarctica Travels is a Lonely Planet’s recommended agent and an active member of International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) with more than fifteen years of experience.

4) Consider the extra activities

The adventure of travelling to Antarctic is exciting by itself,  but why not consider hiring some extra activities in what could be the best experience of your life?

Kayaking, camping, whale watching  and Snowshoeing are only some of the options you can choose to add to your trip.

Don’t forget to check the seasons in Antartica and the possibilities each one of them offer.

5) Don’t miss the limited offers

At the moment, there is up to $6,000 USD OFF Valid on new bookings 1 Aug. – 30 Sept. 2016, for travel on select voyages as listed:

Classic Antarctica:

°         Nov 27 - Dec 07, 2016: from $6.495 USD Twin Porthole
°         Dec 9 - Dec 20, 2016: from $6.795 Twin Window
°         Dec 12 - Dec 22, 2016: from $7.095 USD Twin Window
°         Feb 20 – Mar 02, 2017: from $7.095 Twin Obstructed View

Antarctic Express: Cruise South Fly North & Fly South, Cruise North 

°         Dec 6 – Dec 15, 2016: from $10.295 Twin Porthole
°         Jan 13 – Jan 22, 2017: from $10.295 Twin Porthole

Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia and Antarctica: 

°         Nov 15 – Dec 4, 2016: from $12.595 USD Twin Window

These were the main aspects you should consider to choose your antartic expedition. If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us


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