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Dec. 05 - 2016
If you are preparing your trip to Antarctic there is something you can’t forget. Your camera. Even if you are not a professional photographer, it’s impossible not to be tempted with the beautiful scenarios you will see and you can’t disappoint your friends when you get back. We are sure that all of them will want to live trough your images a little bit of your journey
Today we give you some essentials tips to get the best pictures in your travel to Antarctic.
1- Be respectful
Nature is amazing, we know that. But we must respect it and don’t interfer with its course while we travel.  Please, try not to bother the fauna just to take a picture.
2- Be patient
Being patient has it rewards. If you are patient enough to wait, and you are paying attention, we can assure you , that you will find the perfect picture.
3- Be cautious
Cold is an enemy of your batteries. Make sure you bring spare ones  and the right adapter to charge them. Also, if you use a tripod, be careful when you open and close It because cold can freeze it and you can broke it if you are too rough.
4-Protect your gear
As you can imagine, temperature and weather conditions in Antartic might not be the most amicable for your gear. Rain, cold and snow can affect your camera in a bad way and you don’t want to be without camera for the rest of your trip.
Our recommendations is : bring with you a good protective case for your equipment.

5-Use gloves

It’s very important that you protect your hands with gloves during your journey.  You can choose those gloves that leaves your fingers free to manipulate the buttons of your camera.   


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