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Sep. 20 - 2019

Once you’re through an incredible excursion day in Antarctica, it’s time for the icing on the cake!! Get your your layers packed, get on a Zodiac and move ashore to spend one night in your sleeping bag listening the ice of glaciers crack and then slide soothingly towards the beach and into the water. The next morning you head back to the ship for a hot shower and scrumptious breakfast.

In order to live this experience, we strongly recommend you book in advance (one year ahead approximately) since capacity is limited. Fortunately, you don't need any special physical preparation but you need to be 100% ready for a real nature challenge. It is still mandatory you attend a safety briefing before going ashore for the night.

Credits: Lorena Berutti - Portal Point - February 2019.-

How will you warm up? We’ve got the best camping gear for you! Our sleeping bags are rated to -15° degrees and we don’t expect temperatures to drop below -2 / -3°degrees C.
The Gore-tex ‘bivvy bags are easy to set up and we also count with a small ‘out-house’ tent, with port-a-loo.

Credits: Lorena Berutti - Portal Point - February 2019.-

How should you dress? Same as if you were to go on an off-ship excursion. We suggest bringing a dry pair of  socks and your dry thermal clothing for sleeping. A real plus is a warm hat to help you feel appropriately tucked and cozy in your sleeping bag.

Credits: Lorena Berutti - Portal Point - February 2019.-

One last MANDATORY item: Bring your camera! Or else, no one will believe you spend a night ashore in Antarctica!!

Contact us to find out every detail of this amazing experience which has become extremely popular during the last expeditions!


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