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Apr. 21 - 2019
Another amazing expedition to Antarctica on board the luxurious Hebridean Sky crossing the Polar Circle where just a few have reached.

At Sea - The Bridge - Credits: Polar Latitudes

Latitude 66°33’S is the southernmost you can reach on this “regular” expedition to the White Continent.

The farther south we go the more sea ice we are likely to encounter. Our aim: Cross the Circle before the ice stops us. Should we arrive at 66°33’S, we’ll become members of a small crowd of explorers and adventurous travelers who have made it this far south.

Our journey started with the frightening Drake Passage which surprised many first-time passengers for its calmness when they expected high tidal waves.

Hebridean Sky - Yalour Islands - Credits: Lorena Berutti

During our navigation on the Drake Lake the staff delivered excellent lectures on different aspects of Antarctica and gave on-board passengers the possibility to be part of the “Citizen Science Project” which consisted of taking samples of water to measure the temperature and salinity, among other actions to foster awareness of climate change that’s a very important aspect affecting us all. There are many institutions involved and passengers travelling with #PolarLatitudes can become part of it as well.

We made the most of the good weather and moved towards our objective: crossing the Polar Circle!

Crystal Sound Zodiac - Credits: Lorena Berutti

We first made a Zodiac Cruise on Crystal Sound where we delighted our eyes with many shapes and sizes of icebergs. In the afternoon, we had already become part of the selected group of adventurers to reach these latitudes and the ship was a party. Music and drinks on the Lido Deck (outer deck) enjoying the navigation. That same night we received our certificate for having achieved our aim of crossing the Polar Circle.

February and March are the best months for whale watching and, it couldn’t have been any better in our case since we had many encounters with these incredible animals. Not only we’ve seen Humpback and Minke whales at a very short distance but we’ve also witnessed a Killer Whale Show that got close to the ship while we navigate to our next landing site. It was a family of 7 killer whales that followed the ship for almost 1 hour. That was one most memorable moment of the trip.

Crabeater Seal - Crystal Sound - Credits: Lorena Berutti

It is also a perfect moment to enjoy penguin chicks turned into real “teenagers” by this time of the year chasing their parents from one point to the other of the colony asking to be fed or getting near visitors to “spot human tourists”. This was a whole show and one could spend hours and hours watching the same colony of penguins.

These were two weeks filled with incredible moments surrounded by icebergs, seals, birds, penguins, whales, killer whales and marvelous sunsets, ending the day with live music of different styles at the Lounge Club.

Gentoo Penguin - Yalour Islands - Credits: Lorena Berutti

We are most grateful to Polar Latitudes for this experience. If you wish to get more information on luxury voyages, do not hesitate and contact us any time:


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