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Nov. 16 - 2018


Last September, Aicia Petiet (Founder) & Lorena Berutti (Sales Manager), set off on of a new expedition.
This time was in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Arctic, more specifically, east Greenland.

 Alicia and Lorena's arrival in Constable Point
Ph: Alicia and Lorena's arrival in Constable Point.-

They’ve seen:

Scoresby Sund, the biggest fiords system in the world with incredible landscapes packed with glaciers
and icebergs.

Ph: Hurry Inlet (near Constable Point) - Credit: Lorena Berutti.-

Ph: Alicia going kayaking - Credit: Aweisbrot.-

Polar Bears in an area where it’s not expected to find them. Not only they’ve seen at about 10 bears
but also a mother with its lovely polar bear cub!

Ph: Polar Bear - Carlsberg Fjord - Credit: Lore Berutti.-

Ittoqqortoormiit: A small town with approximately 380 inhabitants known as the “Inuit”. An interesting stop
to learn a bit more of their culture. It is one of the most distant villages in Greenland. Access is only possible
by plane or boat a few times per year.

Ph: Lorena Berutti - Credit: Quark Expeditions - Acacia Johnson.-

One of the greatest attractions in Greenland is aurora borealis. In fact, it’s one of the best places in the
world to watch them. You can spot them from any corner of the territory from the month of August,
including the southernmost areas.
We are forever grateful to Quark Expeditions for this incredible trip!

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