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Nov. 13 - 2019

First of all, we start with the essentials:

Waterproof boots are to be used during all of your exploration landings.

Outer layer is essential and it is the most important piece of gear you’ll wear during each landing.

We believe a 3-layer-system is the best way to keep you warm and dry by implementing:

1 - Base Layers: You wear these up against your skin. These are made of wool blended material since the more woolen material the more moisture is wiped away and the warmer you stay.

2- Mid-layers are meant to keep you warm and they're usually made of fleece material.

3- Final-layers have to be loose fitting and 100% waterproof to go on top of your base and mid-layers and provide the best comfort.

Crystal Sound - March 2nd, 2019.-


Gloves: Two-layering systems on your hands while on landings or Zodiac cruising. The layer against your skin should be a polyester blended fabric to keep you warm. Over this layer you should wear 100% waterproof gloves.

Hats: 2 pairs, big enough to cover your ears.

Scarves: 2 neck aimers and balaclavas to cover your face in case of high winds.

Socks: 2 pairs .The layer against your skin should be a polyester blend and the layer on the outside should be 100% wool.

While out on excursion:

You’ll need a backpack and a waterproof dry sack bag for camera, its accessories, binoculars, the extra pair of socks and hats. Do not forget your sunscreen as well as your sunglasses to protect you from UV rays.

Half Moon Island - November 2010.-

On board:
Lightweight waterproof shell to walk on board over your mid-layers as well as a comfy pair of sneakers with good rubber ribs. Simple moisturizer with SPF and small travel-size products for everything else.

We hope these tips help you organize one of the most important stages of your trip! We invite you to contact us to be updated on deals for expeditions >> <<

Pictures by Lorena Berutti @lore_berutti


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