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Jun. 30 - 2017

Are you planning on watching the Aurora Borealis and ticking it out of your bucket list?

Then read this!

There might be as many dreams as there are people on this Earth, but one thing most people want to see and experience at least once in their lifetime is the Nothern Lights (or their southern counterpart: the “Aurora Australis”.)

The Northern Lights are electrically charched particles from the Sun that collide with our atmosphere and interact with its gases, creating a natural phenomenon of different light colors.
They are known as Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle, and Aurora Australis in the Antarctic Circle. Colors vary from shades of green, blue, and violet, to red and yellow, depending on the mix of gases and the solar particules they collide with.

One of the greatest places on Earth to see this amazing phenomenon is Greenland.

You can also see the Northern Lights in Alaska, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia, but the south of Greenland has to be your top choice.

Although the Auroras Borealis take place mostly all year round, the best time to try and have this experience is during the winter months (from September to April.) And specially recommended during midnight on a clear night.

Another recommendation is to avoid being near large cities or any source of artificial lights as it might make it difficult to get a glimpse of the auroras. The same might happen with a full moon, but that inconvinience is totally worth it! So make sure you check the weather forecast in advance to get better chances of experience what will probably be the greatest night ever!

Last but definitely not least, make sure to grab the coziest coat you have. We would like to promise that you will see the lights right as soon as you arrive, but the truth is, it may take a few hours, so better be prepared! No one likes to wait around on -10 degrees for hours without their proper clothes!

That said, get on board, grab your coat, check the forecast, and get ready for the best night of your life!

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