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Apr. 05 - 2018

Alicia and Lorena (Antarctica Travels owner and sales manager respectively) have traveled to Antarctica and other Polar Regions on several occasions, but for the first time, they had the opportunity to travel together!

On the 23rd of January 2018, they were invited to join a trip on board the Ocean Atlantic with an exclusive group of tour operators and agencies from all over the world. Besides seeing all the amazing Antarctic landscapes, it was a great chance for them to share amazing conversations with the owner of the ship, all the sales representatives and the chief executive of IAATO, the most important person of said association.

This trip was also joined by 20 other travelers from all over the world that trusted Antarctica Travels with their trip!

The voyage took place on board the MV Ocean Atlantic, which was first launched in 1985 from the Stocznia shipyard in Poland. Her original name was Konstantin Chernenko (Константин Черненко). In 2017, she was purchased by Albatros Expeditions and completely refitted. She is now a 200-passenger expedition vessel – one of the strongest and most powerful polar cruise ships afloat.

It was an amazing 10-days experience that everyone enjoyed to the fullest. It started on the 23rd January 2018 in Ushuaia, Argentina. The weather was partly cloudy and the temperature: 7°C.

The passengers were very excited to finally make our way to the pier and to our home for the next 10 days aboard m/v Ocean Atlantic. They were greeted by the Expedition Team and Hotel Staff, who showed them to their cabin.
One of the most important things is that every passenger gets explained all the ways that they can avoid changing the Antarctic and how to best observe the wildlife without damaging it.

Ocean Atlantic also has several kayaks for those of us who decided to take the opportunity of practicing some outdoor sport along one of the most pristine escenery on Earth. 

If you take this voyage, you will be able to spot Icebergs as big as the ship (or even bigger!) On top of the ice and the amazing landscapes, you can also spot quite a few animals like Humpback Whales, Weddell, Crabeater and Leopard seals, as well as Petrels.

On this occasion, several couples and even a trio of Humpback Whales were resting in the water, occasionally breaking the surface, then diving again. Minke Whales soon also joined the party and even presented some feeding behavior.

During this expedition, the passengers could also spot penguins! They had many chicks and we enjoyed the interaction between parent and chick as the chicks were given their dinner: krill, fresh from the sea.
After ten days of exploring Antarctica, it was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful places they visited and to the beautiful Ocean Atlantic, our comfortable home for an unforgettable journey to the South.

They shared unique moments, talked and laughed with one another. This trip will last a lifetime – in their memories!
It was definitely an experience they will remember forever! A special thanks to Albatros Expeditions!


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