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Oct. 26 - 2018
Back in 1914 Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica began.

After a 10 months trap in ice, the explorers vessel sank. The crew survived for six months before reaching uninhabited Elephant Island.

Shackleton’s  journey seeking for help at the whaling stations on South Island is worldly known as one of the most heroic feats in navigation.
Three unfortunate attempts is what took Shackleton and the crew to be finally rescued in August 1916.

In 2019, researchers will set on a expedition hoping to find the Endurance, the lost ship of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton which has lain at the bottom of the Weddell Sea since 1915.

The scientific mission to investigate the Larsen C Ice Shelf will also search for the wreck 3,000 m beneath the waves.

Scientists will be facing thick pack ice and extreme weather in the isolated and wild region. Researchers come from universities in South Africa and New Zealand and will be pioneers in the use of autonomous underwater vehicles to scan the seabed and find ship’s remains.

Julian Dowdeswell, professor and SPRI's director in charge of the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019,
said the Agulhas II expedition ship would be put to the test by the conditions.He stated that no matter what ship you have, you most probably won’t get there and that sea ice conditions could be better or worse, depending on the year.

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