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Dec. 31 - 2018

Once again, Lorena (Sales Manager), got on board another Antarctica expedition aboard the Russian Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov to begin with the Antarctic cruises season last October 7th.

Lorena (Sales Manager) with the Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov.-

On this opportunity, the journey was to the distant Island of Snow Hill. Thanks to our powerful ship and the highly qualified staff, the captain was able to position the icebreaker in a perfect spot to start up the two Russian helicopters that were with us.

Snow Hill is located in the Weddell Sea, east of Antarctic Peninsula. It is a wonderful place to watch huge spectacular tabular icebergs. But we were all there for the same reason: the Emperor Penguin!

It took us two entire days to cross the Drake Passage, as it usually happens with the right weather conditions; another two days sailing through sea ice which is something attractive by itself. Spending time on the bridge, at the Captain and staff’s command, experiencing navigation on an icebreaker opening its way on the frozen sea, are sensations difficult to forget.

View of the Weddell Sea from the Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov.-

Of course, we were already witnessing the presence of the first Emperors! The most curious ones would get closer to the ship. In the meanwhile, our Expedition Leader and the Staff, planned an Ice Walk. This was the first activity on sea ice to get a closer experience to adult penguins. Let’s remember we cannot get closer than 30 mts but if penguins get near us, we can consider ourselves 100% lucky and enjoy the magical moment.

Emperor Penguin family on Snow Hill.-

Finally, next day, we heard the wake-up call at 5.45 am to fly, together with the rest of the passengers, to the Basecamp that had been already set by the Staff. From this point, you take a  45 minutes/1 hour walk approx. through an iced path with a few centimeters of snow which could sometimes be a bit slippery. Temperatures oscillated between -12 ° c to -20° c for it is very important to be well equipped for this kind of weather.

Emperor Penguin family on Snow Hill.-

There were 3 amazing full-days visiting the Colony, getting to know the 3-months-old penguin chicks. Lorena finds herself lucky everytime she witnesses wildlife!

On the very first day, almost reaching the colony with her camera battery still charged (these wear out pretty fast because of the low temperatures), an adult penguin came close to her so she could capture the first picture in the colony: Herself sitting next to nothing but an adorable Emperor Penguin!

Lorena's (Sales Manager) first take on the penguin colony.-

Moments like these were repeated several times with adult penguins but the majestic moment was on the second day when the little ones left the colony and came pretty near to her feet! Lorena was able to capture the moment with her phone in a 2-minutes video, the right time to avoid her hands get frozen and make an acceptable video!

Lorena on the penguin colony.-

And... guess what... On the third day, another group of Emperor Penguin Chicks came close to bid her goodbye!

In Antarctica Travels we've been to every destination, even remote ones like Snow Hill. This make us the most trained and experienced team to help you plan and clarify any doubts you may have.

Ph Credits: Lorena Berutti

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