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Feb. 15 - 2019

South Georgia View Point.-

A much desired destination, even for the most experienced travelers, is the sub-Antarctic region of South Georgia. This is the perfect and sometimes only piece of land for many species to breed.

Expeditions begin in October, right after the end of the long, icy winter. The island hosts over 30 species of breeding birds, amongst which are the King Penguins nesting and protecting their eggs, albatrosses overflying the scenery and daring sea elephants looking to mate.

Seal Pups .-

This isolated island can only be reached from the sea. The cruises including it on the itinerary, usually go to and from the Antarctic Peninsula. Still, time and expenses increase when this jewel is displayed on the map.

Rich fauna at South Georgia.-

Reasons have foundation on preventing any type of environmental impact or wildlife disturbance to the region. South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) was established in 2005 to raise funds for the protection and conservation of indigenous fauna and flora. International awareness has grown thanks to the successful project led by the SGHT on eradicating rodents and keeps on working to redress the damage done in the past and preserve its historical, human heritage.

Ernest Shackleton grave at Grytviken Whaling Church.-

In Antarctica Travels we offer voyages to the island and while at sea you’ll be able to participate in lectures and educational seminars made by specialists sharing their knowledge and passion on the richness of this region.

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