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Jan. 17 - 2018

Spitsbergen Island is the largest island of Svalbard archipelago, located at the confluence of Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea and Greenland Sea. As Spitsbergen is located inside the Arctic Circle, it’s one of the places where the sun shines 24 hours a day in June. Imagine yourself in a small expedition boat exploring the island. Here you will discover the biodiversity of the island’s coastal areas, bays, cold inlets and fascinating historical places.


Some history

Spitsbergen means «steep mountains» and the name was given by Willem Barents, a Dutch explorer who discovered the island while he was looking for the Northeast Passage in 1596.

What can I see and do in Spitsbergen?

Depending on your trip itinerary, you will be able to visit rural areas such as Northwest Spitsbergen National Park or South Spitsbergen National Park. You will be able to contemplate impressive fjords, big cliffs with birds, polar bears and much more while navigating in zodiac. This will allow you to feel closer and even stop to take unforgettable pictures. You can also follow the adventure of your dreams, by choosing to explore the island kayaking or snowshoeing.

Whales, polar bears, foxes, walruses and reindeers converge through this amazing scenery in which the glaciers form spiders. These are events you will stock up on happy memories.

When’s the best time to visit Spitsbergen?

June and July are the months with best fertile ground for polar bears to hunt, as sea ice is heavier. For this reason, we will have a better chance to see them in action. It is in Arctic summer time that wild animals come out to feed themselves around the island.

In Antarctica Travels we have lots of different cruise options for all kinds of travelers! Exploring Spitsbergen by small expedition ship would be like expect the unexpected. The crew will look out for terrestrial and marine wildlife so to provide a great experience.

How do I choose the Spitsbergen expedition for me?

Spitsbergen is a destination in itself but depending on the time and interest you have, Lorena and Alicia will recommend you the best adventure for you. You can visit the island’s highlights in 6 days or explore deeply in an 11 or 13-day trip.
If your life’s dream is watching polar bears, don’t miss the expedition to find them. You can enjoy specialized photography.

Very important!

Even though it’s known and that’s how many adventurers do it – they book Arctic expeditions with us in advance so to take advantage of the early booking discounts – don’t worry as it’s never too late to find your tailored trip. Lorena and Alicia are specialized in finding customized offers to even enjoy last minute savings in some of the cruises that travel to the Arctic.
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