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Oct. 06 - 2019
They were discovered and named by Charcot for Lieutenant Jorge Yalour, an officer of the Argentine navy ship Uruguay, which came to the rescue of the shipwrecked Swedish Antarctic Expedition in Nov. 1903.

These pictures were taken on our quest to the Polar Circle in March 2019. The images reflect the great variety of
fauna present in the region at the specific time frame of the season.

Credits: Lorena Berutti - Crabeater Seal at Yalour Islands - March 3rd, 2019.-

Credits: Lorena Berutti - Iceberg at Yalour Islands - March 3rd, 2019.-

This group of islands, also known as the Yalour Islands, extend 2.5km in the south part of the Wilhelm Archipelago. 

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Lorena Berutti at Yalour Islands - March 3rd, 2019.-

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Pictures by Lorena Berutti @lore_berutti


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