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May. 07 - 2018

The North Pole must be one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. We all have heard stories about it and read books about it, but only few of us have had the chance to set foot on its pristine landscape. Are you ready to be one of those people? Then read on!

Covered by a layer of shifting ice and located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the North Pole is the only place on Earth that wherever direction you are walking towards to, you are always heading south.
Geographically, the North Pole marks the end of the rotation of the axis that cuts the Earth in half. There is no way to explain what it feels like to be there other than going yourself. 

Believe it or not, the weather in the North Pole is much warmer than the weather in the South Pole. The reason behind this: Antarctica is plainly an ice-covered continent, while the North Pole sits over the surface of a moving ocean. Consequently, its distance from the sea level is much lower than that of the White Continent.

Polar bears are usually the only terrestrial animals that wander over the North Pole looking for food, but they don’t stay there for long as the moving ice becomes an unpredictable area to inhabit. 

When it comes to sea animals, the diversity is amazing: beluga whales, orcas, narwhal whales, bearded, harp, ribbon, and spotted seals among others, shrimps, anemones, and amphipods. 

As far away and difficult to reach as it might seem, the North Pole can actually be visited. There are cruises that will take you around the area and show you the best of this insanely wild scenenery.

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