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Dec. 04 - 2017

Summer season in the Southern Hemisphere is getting closer and we want to share with you all that can happen if you have made up your mind and decided to visit Antarctica this time of the year!

From mid December to mid February you will be experiencing the best time in Antarctica! Not only because of the warmer weather making your stay more enjoyable, but also because of all the natural phenomena happening all around you and the wildlife you’ll have to chance to see!

So, what to expect when traveling to Antarctica from mid December to mid February:

• From late December into January, you’ll be getting 20hs of sunlight per day!! The longest day of the whole year being December 22. Get your camera ready and get the best photos possible!

• As the temperature rises, seas become calmer and easier to navigate! If you are prone to seasickness, January and February will definitely be the smartest pick!
• Due to higher temperatures (with “higher” we mean temperatures just above 0, of course, we are still in Antarctica!), and salt water, icebergs begin to melt and become erode, turning into incredible ice formation like you’ve never seen before!
• Glaciers actively calve.

• As the sea ice recedes, more areas become available for exploration.
• Landscapes are as pristine as ever!
• Wildlife spotting is at its best! You will be able to see penguins, seals, and whales as well.
• Penguin hatching season begins late December, so you’ll get to see chicks protecting their eggs and male penguins fishing.

• Seal pups begin to emerge and become more visible as summer kicks in.

• During mid January, beaches are busy with penguins bringing food for the newborns!
• On February, temperatures are still warm and whale watching is at its best!

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