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Mar. 17 - 2017

One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences takes place in the great white continent during March, as it is the most appropriate month to watch the majestic and friendly whales. 

Ph: Passenger: Scott F. Grabarski
“Here's a photo of the back of my head as I bonded with a humpback whale! Amazing!!”
Voyage: “Classic Antarctica” aboard the Ocean Diamond (Feb 12th – Feb 21st, 2017)

Antarctica itself has the charm of the unknown and let us admire nature in its purest form. Reserved for a few patient and fortunate tourists who want to blend in with the wilderness without leaving traces, only the countless pictures of such a great and peaceful place will remain stored in memory.

In this journey through the immensity of the waters and the Antarctic ice, our senses will be stimulated by all the surroundings: the intense contrasts of images, sounds and silences. Connecting with our inner self will allow us to feel fully alive.

Ph: Jin Hsieh, he made the Voyage Classic Antarctica aboard the Akademik Ioffe on Feb 25th - Mar 7th, 2017.

An unforeseen world opens before us and allows us to know and enjoy more of the planet Earth and everything it has to offer. We should remember that more than 70% of the surface is water, just like our body and that it is vital for life.

This exceptional adventure takes place with the comfort and security that Antarctica Travels offers to each passenger. Its staff provides experience, knowledge and passion placed at the service of tourists from all over the world; what will make this incredible trip an event to remember forever and share with family and friends.


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