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Oct. 18 - 2016
The best time to visit Antarctica depends on what you are expecting of your travel. Is your priority watching huges icebergs? Seeing penguins or whales? A warmer weather? Follow this guide and you will be able to choose the best season to visit Antarctica in your next unforgettable adventure travel.

Travels to Antarctica are usually named as a “once in a lifetime travel” . But we can guarantee that no two trips to the area are ever the same. Landscape and fauna habits are different in every season and you can take that on consideration before you book your trip.

When to travel: month to month
  • Late December and January offer up to 20 hours of sunlight in Antarctica. Together with February are some of the warmer months to visit this destination. Penguins chicks and seal pups are the stars of these months.  Wildlife is definitely more active on this time of the year.
  • In March the temperature is starting to go lower but whales are still visible, so if this is a priority in your travel, March could be your month. From December to March the continent is colder but at its most untouched, and you can admire wildflowers blooming on the islands. 
  • April, May, June, July, August and September are not recommended months to travel to Antarctica. Temperature is not enjoyable at all: wind is wild and nights are endless.
  • Late October and November are exceedingly cold but are the months with the best chance to see some of the Antarctica’s largest icebergs as well as breeding elephant seals.

How can I get the best offers to travel to Antarctica?

When you plan ahead, you have better chances to access to special offers to travel to Antarctica.  But sometimes last minute offers are a good option to save money on your next trip.

Antarctic travels have two last minute offers to travel to Antarctica:

Dates: Oct 24 - Nov 12
Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica (20 days)
Standard Twin: $6,570 USD p/p

Dates: Nov 7 - Nov 16, 2016
Classic Antarctica 
Twin: $4,200 USD p/p

Those are limited time offer with limited availability. If you need more information or help to find which itinerary is  right for you, just contact Antarctic Travels  for more assistance.

Ph: Christopher Michel 


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