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Feb. 27 - 2018

Deciding when to visit Spitsbergen and the Arctic area might be a little bit challenging as every month (most accessible from May to September) offers a wide variety of wildlife to experience and activities to choose from. Every month is different and, yes, although we know you would love to travel to one of the most pristine landscape we have all year round, this blog post will help you decide which season suits you best. If, for some reason, you can actually travel to the Arctic whenever you want, at least we will help you decide when to go first.

From July to August – First of all, these are the most popular months! If you are one of those people who enjoy traveling with friends or alone but sharing with a group of other tourists (as they say “Happiness is only real when shared”,) these months are the best option! June to August are known for being the warmest months. The days are longer and the ice have melted enough for trekking activities and the like.

From September to November – September is still a good option for trekking and other land activities, but the weather is slowly getting drier and colder again. Storms start to appear but the sunlight still provides excellent picture possibilities.

At Antarctica Travels we can give you a hand finding the best trip for you! Contact us on contact@antarcticatravels.com and turn your Arctic dream into a beautiful experience!


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