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Jan. 13 - 2020
Wordie House was established in Winter Island on 7 January 1947. The hut carries the name of James Wordie (chief scientist and geologist on Shackleton's Endurance expedition).

The hut stands on the foundations of a building used by the British Graham Land Expedition (1935–36) which might have been destroyed by a tsunami.

Wordie House research carried out of the most important meteorological recording programmes in the Antarctic. When it closed in 1954, the work was transferred to what is now known as Vernadsky base operated by the Ukraine. Wordie House contributed to producing one of the longest scientific datasets from the Antarctic which continues to this day.

Vernadsky Station from Wordie House.-

Today it is a Historic Site and Monument designated in 1995 and it’s been managed by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust since 2009. There are around 500 original artefacts on site. Initial conservation works and making the hut weathertight have been completed.

 All the pictures were taken during our last Quest to the Polar Circle last February in 2019. The historical approach is part of every expedition we proudly promote and feel committed to inform about.

Pictures by Lorena Berutti @lore_berutti

We invite you to read more information about Wordie on the British Antarctic Survey Archives website. If you’re willing to know more about expeditions itineraries, please send us an email to contact@antarcticatravels.com.

Information Source: https://www.ukaht.org/


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