Alicia Petiet

Alicia Petiet



Alicia has personally been on and knows members of the crew on every vessel she represents, even earning herself a coveted spot in the Lonely Planet travel guide as the recommended local agent for Antarctica. She has sailed on more than 20 Polar expeditions, including visits to the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and South Georgia, the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula. In 2010, she completed an expedition around the famous Cape Horn and the Chilean fjords, not to mention Arctic expeditions to the Canadian High Arctic and Svalbard, Norway.

Alicia used to personally see travellers onto the ship and greet them when they returned. Her long term commitment to the industry, her professional integrity, her infectious charm and personal touch, as well as her love of sharing her passion with like minded people have helped her create and sustain  strong relationships with the expedition teams both on and off the ships. 

Her greatest professional reward is having built a company that succeeds her passion, experience and inspiration. With a more laid back role in the company, Alicia still oversees the most important aspects of Antarctica Travels, inspiring the team and building even stronger ties within the small community of Polar buffs and lovers.

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