Anita Finocchi

Operations Manager


Anita comes from a long line of artists, painters, piano players and photographers. Since she remembers the arts and more specifically dance were deeply rooted in her upbringing and a major part of her life growing up.

From an early age she studied music hall, theatre, comedy, jazz, and classical dance. When she was a teenager she also felt a huge desire to learn English to communicate with the entire world. No wonder Ana has also studied to become a film producer and worked in a number of projects before meeting her partner and starting the biggest job of her life, Motherhood!

Anita also study accounting and most of her work experience before joining the Ice Tracks Team was administrating small businesses. Her admin skills, time management and organisational ability are her top secret weapons, and in a very short time she has become our admin super heroine.

Fifteen years ago she came to Patagonia and immediately fell in love with this place. Some years later, equipped with a husband and a couple of young and adorable children, Anita moved here to live amongst lakes, volcanos and pristine forests. In her free time she enjoys riding her bike, trekking to new places and travelling to new and exciting places.

“I feel blessed for having met Ice Tracks and the beautiful people with whom I work nowadays” Anita Finocchi.

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