Carolina Mantella



Carolina’s innate passion for travel and exploring made her abandon the nest at an early age. She lived and worked in Canada even before getting her masters degree in Hospitality and Tourism. She got the diploma, handed it to ‘Ma & Pa’, and took off to explore the world.

She started sailing to the Polar Regions during her early 20s, and before she hit the 3rd decade she had already been to the most inaccessible places on Earth, spending much of her time in the ice worlds of the Arctic and the Antarctic. She also sailed the North and South Atlantic extensively, including an entire summer around the remote island of South Georgia where she volunteered for Sally Poncet and Golden Fleece as a field assistant in one largest and most complex research works with White-chinned Petrel, Northern and Southerns Giant Petrel and Wondering Albatross.

Her passion for adventure compelled her to travel even further, living and working in all 7 continents. She met and befriended Alicia Petiet 20 plus years ago. They instantly shared the same passion and love for Antarctica which continued and strengthen over the years.

With more voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica than she (or anyone) can count, Caro’s vast knowledge and experience is only eclipsed by her inexhaustible energy and desire to share her passion for wildlife, icescapes and adventures in the Polar Regions. As Director of Antarctica Travels, is immensely proud to lead this ‘all-women’ travel company,  bringing a fresh perspective to the team with that extra push to get more creative and innovative thanks to her vast experience in the Tourism Industry.

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