Mai Astorga

Reservations and Sales Manager


Since she can remember, Mai is passionate about travel. At the age of 18 she started working in gastronomy, as a waitress extraordinaire. She got so good at it that she travel the world making friends, gaining precious knowledge, and developing a sophisticated taste for wine and good food. In 2010 a trip took her to San Martín de los Andes, Patagonia where she met her partner Matias. Both started their own gastronomic enterprises and amongst good wine, delicious food, travel and doing what they love most, their son Gino was born.

Always eager to learn more and travel more, Mai found Antarctica Travels, or Antarctica Travels found her? Either way, it was a match made in heaven. Working in a travel company was the ultimate challenge for Mai and her entrepreneurial spirit immediately said yes!

From the minute she started, Mai was involved in every detail of the daily operations and sales, her excellent customer skills and hospitality background paid off and she is now an invaluable member of the “all female” Antarctica Travels Team. We couldn’t be happier and grateful to haver her on the team.

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