Falklands South Georgia & Antarctica

  • The sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia are home to some of the most unique and abundant wildlife on earth. With beaches covered in fur seals, elephant seals, and hundreds of thousands of penguins, it’s one of the most jaw-dropping nature scenes you will ever experience. We’ll also explore the fascinating history of the area, dating back to the grandiose times of the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration’ of the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Day 1Ushuaia

No need to stress about missed connections or flight delays as you arrive with plenty of time to unwind and
enjoy the beautiful Arakur Resort & Spa or spend time discovering the southernmost city in the world,

Day 2

Explore the sights of Ushuaia such as the museums and Argentinean leather markets or continue relaxing at
the hotel. Start your evening with our optional briefing, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions
and meet some of your fellow travelers.

Day 3Embarkation

Spend your morning exploring Ushuaia or unwinding at the resort until our mid-afternoon transfer to the
ship. Our Expedition Team and ship staff will greet you on board, followed by a safety and orientation briefing
and Captain’s welcome dinner.

Day 2Southern Ocean

Among the wildlife spotting opportunities as we sail south are the albatrosses, prions, and petrels that frequently follow the ship. Our Expedition Team will be out on deck as well, looking for the whales and dolphins that may also be seen in the area. Our experts will begin the presentations with informative and entertaining talks on the wildlife, history, and geology of the Falkland Islands and Southern Ocean. Helpful briefings on environmental regulations and expedition safety will also be held in the comfortable lounge.

Day 3West Falklands

The westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands are remote farms that have been family-owned for six and seven generations. The sheep graze alongside albatross colonies and rockhopper, king, and macaroni penguin rookeries while striated caracaras patrol overhead and upland geese graze at the water’s edge. A visit to one of these homesteads often includes an invitation for cakes and a cup of tea.

Day 4Port Stanley

Chosen for its sheltered harbor and access to abundant fresh water and peat for fuel, Stanley is easy to discover on foot as shops and most services are centered on the port. The museum, the post-office featuring first day covers, plenty of shops with locally made wool items and Stanley’s lively pubs will all be available. It is possible to experience the wildlife of the Falklands from the town, including sea lions and dolphins in the harbor or bird life in nearby Gypsy Cove.

Day 7-8Southern Ocean

There will be plenty of wildlife spotting as we make our way east across the Antarctic Convergence and officially enter Antarctic waters. Shipboard presentations will continue featuring the exciting history and abundant wildlife of South Georgia.

Day 9-12South Georgia

Welcome to South Georgia! Landing sites feature huge Elephant seals, aggressive Fur seals, Gentoo penguins, albatross, petrels, skuas, and gulls. King penguins from fuzzy little chicks to fattened adults can be seen in the hundreds of thousands. We will visit historic Grytviken whaling station, home of the whaling museum, Norwegian seaman’s church, the active British Antarctic Survey station plus the tiny graveyard where the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried.

Day 13-14Scotia Sea

Heading farther south, we continue our informative presentations and wildlife watch as the icebergs become more and more plentiful.

Day 15-18South Shetlands Islands

The land of superlatives, Antarctica!

In the waterways of the Antarctic Peninsula, we hope to make as much time as possible to explore by inflatable Zodiac boats and marvel up close at nature’s glory. The Expedition Leader and Captain will create a flexible itinerary based on weather, ice, and opportunity. We will aim for the most scenic bays and channels of the Peninsula with stops at penguin rookeries, seal wallows, bird colonies and whale feeding areas, as well as sites of historic and scientific interest.

Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins abound, and Weddell, Crabeater and Elephant Seals are often found hauled out to rest along with predatory Leopard Seals and the assertive Antarctic Fur Seal. Minke and Humpback Whales are frequent visitors in the late season and Orca sightings are also common.

Day 19-20Drake Passage

As we leave this magical place and make our way north, heading again across the Antarctic Convergence and the Drake Passage, we will continue our presentation series and wildlife spotting. Sailing back to Ushuaia through the Beagle Channel, we celebrate the conclusion of our expedition with a special slideshow.

Day 21Disembarkation

Morning disembarkation lets you catch a flight back to civilization after midday or stay South and enjoy Tierra del Fuego or Patagonia for more sights and adventures. Chat to us about any extension options.

** Please note that all departures disembarking in Port Stanley or KGI have a charter flight included in the price.

  • The first departure of the season starts in Puerto Madryn


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Falklands South Georgia & Antarctica

Start : 24 Feb, 2023  End : 17 Mar, 2023
Departure : Ushuaia   Arrival : Ushuaia
22 Days
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Falklands South Georgia & Antarctica

Start : 19 Dec, 2023  End : 8 Jan, 2024
Departure : Ushuaia   Arrival : Ushuaia
21 Days

Falklands South Georgia & Antarctica

Start : 29 Dec, 2023  End : 18 Jan, 2024
Departure : Ushuaia   Arrival : Ushuaia
21 Days




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